Welcome to our video series "Real People Investing in Real Estate" where we share real stories, videos, and financials from real people who invest in real estate.  Curious?  Could I ever do that?  

Video Number 6:

Evaluating ROI on a Multi-Family Dwelling Unit

Mike shares an in-depth look at the financials on a client’s recent purchase of a 4 unit apartment complex in Fort Collins.

Video Number 5:

Mike and our client Cristina evaluate several investment scenarios with her current home. Together, they determined the risk wasn’t worth the reward for her. If you’ve been thinking about investing in real estate, set up a time to walk through a similar assessment with Mike!

Video Number 4: Meet first-time real estate investor, Hunter! 

This is a great story to share about how Hunter evaluated the option of purchasing an investment property (and living there) versus paying rent.  Mike and Hunter talk about the pros/cons and how the numbers worked to purchase a three-plex in Loveland three years ago.  We are excited to share the 4th interview in our series, “Real People Investing in Real Estate”.  #investmentstories

Chris and Nataeah’s Investment Story 

In this video, Mike shares how our clients Chris and Nataeah created an investment group with 5 friends and turned $60K cash into a cash flowing investment property in Old Town Fort Collins. 

Click here to open the spreadsheet:

How Kendall and her husband Mitch became first time short-term rental owners!

Should you purchase housing for your college student or pay rent?

Mike Salza interviews our client Tonia! In 2018, she purchased a home for her daughter while attending Colorado State University instead of paying rent. Did it pay off? Would she do it again? What are the benefits? Was it worth it financially? Reach out to us with your questions or comments! or 202-701-9254. 

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